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If you're selling your house or flat you'll need an energy performance certificate (EPC), which confirms how energy-efficient your property is. Find out about EPC costs, the EPC register and how to get an EPC for your home.

An EPC is a certificate that shows how energy-efficient your property is. The document includes estimated energy costs, as well as a summary of your home's energy performance-related features.  EPCs also include recommendations on measures that would make your home more energy-efficient, along with estimated costs for implementing the changes and the potential savings you could make.


Understanding what improvements are needed can be a little confusing. At Convert Surveyors we will assist you in not only understanding the EPC but also the most efficient way to improve the rating whether to reach minimum energy standards for renting, or whilst in residence and looking to reduce those bills.

Call us on 07525 783965 or alternately complete the form and we will return your call once our Surveyor has assessed your request.

Home Visit Consultancy Starts at £60.00

For advice on Retrofitting, please CLICK HERE

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